A Publishing Advisor will meet with you to get to know you, your book, & your publishing goals. 

Goal: Re-BRAND 


Together we will design a publishing experience that best fits your goals. 



Our team of experts will meet & exceed your publishing goals. 

Goal: Re-MARKET 

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We teach you how to self-publish your book. You own all rights and royalties.


We handle development, promotion, and distribution at YOUR expense. You own all rights and royalties. 

TWv publishing

We handle development, promotion, and distribution at OUR expense. We own all rights and pay you in the form of royalties. 

Publishing Components

Publishing components are the same.

The difference is in who covers the costs YOU (Publishing Services) or US (TWV Publishing). 

Completely Re-Do Your Book Publishing Experience with TWV for a Better Outcome!


Phase One

Step 1: Manuscript Proofread. We review your manuscript for mechanical and grammatical errors.

Step 2: Front Book Development. No templates here-your book is unique and so will your book's cover. Our Design Lead will work with you to create a custom cover for your book. 

Step 3: Interior Book Development. Formatting and typesetting for inner pages. We will provide page proofs before for your review before printing. 

Step 4: Back Book Development. ISBN, Barcode, Author's bio, book description. 

Step 5: Book Protection & Printing. We submit your book for copyright registration under your name. We prepare printed and eBook version of your book for you. 


Phase Two 

Step 1: Research and create a Promotion Campaign uniquely for your book.


Step 2: Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign for your book. 

Step 3: Create a PressKit to be promoted on TWV's platform and others. 

Step 4: Reach out to booksellers in your area to let them know your book is available. 

Step 5: Promote your book via online searches, sales & publication directories. 

* You and Your Book will be featured on TWV's Authors' Page and social media platforms. 

* We will also assist in promoting your Book Launch and Book signings via social platforms. 

* Query Letters and Book Proposals can be created for Publishing Services Author Clients only.


Phase Three

Step 1: We assist with book merchandising. 

Step 2: We set you up with book wholesalers. Ingram Content Group and Baker & Taylor. 

Step 3: We set you up with book distributors. Amazon+Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Google, etc.  

Step 4: We help you with book retailers and bookstores in your area. 

Step 5: We handle book fulfillment. We fulfill orders from distributors, retailers, & bookstores.

* Your book will also be available @ TWV's Bookstore online. 


Ready to Leave Your Legacy? 

Upload your completed manuscript for a free review of your work. We will respond with a

Statement of Confidentiality and within 48-72 hours a unique Publishing Proposal. 

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