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Have you been dreaming to write a book but just can't seem to get started? Have you started your book but just can’t keep the momentum going to finish it?  


Maybe you are struggling with how to get the story out of your head, how to structure your book, how to turn ideas into full chapters, or how to keep the reader’s attention & finish strong. 


If any of the above sounds like you, then this course was designed for YOU. 


Write Your Views is an online 6-week course with 4 sessions for dreamers seeking to complete a manuscript for their book to one day publish it to the world. In this course you will find the information, inspiration, and resources that you need to write your views. This course includes four weeks of live instructor led sessions (we meet online once a week for four weeks during the evening), two content reviews (you will create an outline and first draft of your manuscript-both will be reviewed by Chefeon), and a single one-on-one session with Chefeon (you will receive detailed feedback and guidance on your manuscript work).   


With a master’s degree in Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse, being a reader at heart and a writer at hand, Chefeon will share with you what she has learned about prewriting, drafting, and writing over the past ten years. This course is guaranteed to b exactly what you’ve been missing from your writing journey. She’ll also share how she wrote her book in three months and how she plans to sell her book for residual income. 


Allow Chefeon to take you from an author who wants to write to an author who writes and has a complete manuscript through her experience and knowledge by learning prewriting essentials, drafting techniques, story and character development, writing techniques, & more. 


Let’s remove the END (excuses, negativity and distractions) and start BEGINNING. 

It’s time to Write Your Views & Leave Your Legacy!

Join Chefeon now. Course starts August 29, 2018. Limited spots available. 



  • Identifying your why 

  • Overview of prewriting essentials 

  • Common mistakes writers make 

  • Difference between genres and genre conventions 


  • Drafting techniques 

  • Essential elements of a good story 

  • Difference between plot for nonfiction and fiction books 

  • Building your character list & how to make you reader feel like the character 


  • Knowing the person you write in (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

  • Using descriptive language 

  • Understanding your writing style 

  • Learning other writing techniques 


  • Structuring your writing

  • Creating a writing schedule  

  • Life after a completed manuscript 

  • Options for editing and publishing your book

each session followed by detailed feedback and Q&A breaks

Course Package

One-on-One session

Two editing services

Course topic samples 

Course topic e-workbook

Connections to resources 

Live Q & A Call-in sessions 

Live Q & A Facetime sessions 

Live senior instructor led trainings

Course starts August 29, 2018. Limited spots available.

Course Price

one time payment


    payment plan  


payment one: due now

payment two: due by 8/17

payment three: due by 8/24