The new adventure of writing a book and/or starting a business is not as easy as some may think. It takes a lot (hard work, dedication, time, money, etc.) especially in the final stretch, right before publishing or going live. This is why many dreamers only aspire and never become (Author, CEO, etc.) or start and never finish. I know because I

experienced the ups and downs of both new adventures. 


B.A. in English Literature 

M.A. in Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse 


10+ Years of Marketing & Communications Experience.

15+ Years of Helping Clients build their legacy through books, branding, and business


Professor of Rhetoric and Composition

Professional Real Estate Agent for the state of IIllinois

My name is R'Che



I am the Senior Advisor, Founder, & CEO of The Write Views, LLC



I spent countless nights lying in bed trying to figure out what's my purpose in this world. I have always known that I wanted to serve God’s people and help make the world a little bit better. But I didn’t know how I would do that. One day I asked myself, “Che, what have you done so far that has made you smile?” The answer was centered around helping, inspiring, and influencing those around me to pursue their dreams. I then realized that I've already been serving God’s people, starting with my family, friends, and peers. Thanks to my academic career in writing, rhetoric & discourse, my professional career in sales, marketing & communications, and my overall experiences throughout this journey called life, I have been a source to those near me seeking help with getting their views out of their minds and into the world.  


So, I decided to share my personal, academic, and professional skills with the world to help others transition from dreamers into doers. I wrote & published my first book and a few months later, The Write Views was born.


The Write Views


To Help Dreamers Write Their Views & Leave Their Legacy!

The Write Views


The World is Filled with Dreamers, Let's Add Some Doers to it!